Humanities Liaison—Making Effective Use of URA (University Research Administration)


Humanities Liaison is a project which aims to systematically unearth seeds of research in the humanities and social sciences ── as well as contribute to securing research time, giving the fruits of research back to society, and nurturing the environment for research education ── by expanding the research cooperation support function of the University of Tokyo Humanities Center.

As an overview, this project will advance comprehensive research cooperation support processes, while meshing the following operations like cogs in a wheel.

  1. Necessary information sharing and support for acquisition of outside capital

  2. Support of young faculty members' research activity, including overseas assignments

  3. Proposal of collaborative research subjects transcending specialized fields

This project will establish within the Humanities Center a URA research cooperation support base which can also function as a bridge to the sciences, and whose essential purpose is to serve as a setting that contributes to invigoration of the humanities and social science fields. The aim is to develop a flexible, multitiered research support network by acting as liaison between individual researchers and URA and between researcher and researcher, as well as with overseas institutions, other disciplines, outside capital donors, etc.; and to contribute to the advancement of humanities/social science research oriented towards resolving issues in the age of globalization.