What's the Humanities Center?

The Humanities Center (HMC) is a collaborative research institute that aims to newly create collaborative, interdepartmental research platforms for outstanding researchers in the humanities and adjacent fields. It covers a wide range of fields, including philosophy, history, language, literature, education, art, architecture, law, politics, and the culture of everyday life.


Ushioda Humanities Initiative

This is a new center for international humanities research established within HMC with financial support from Mr. Yoichiro Ushioda.
Its collaborative researchers are affiliated to HMC as fellows (faculty members with concurrent posts).

Humanities Liaison

This system aims to extensively develop research activities by deploying research support staff in the form of university research administrators (URAs) and breaking free from existing frameworks.

Open research projects
Supporting overseas collaboration by individual researchers

Collaborative research projects
Promoting cross-departmental research

Disseminating research results through open research seminars, liaison talks, and booklets

Logo concept


The squares in the logo represent information, with the orange square in particular representing mature knowledge. Overall, the logo expresses the idea that collaborating departments are connected, sharing information and consolidating mature knowledge into the HMC.

Location and contact information

The University of Tokyo Humanities Center (HMC)
Fourth Floor, General Library
7-3-1 Hongo, Bunkyo, Tokyo 113-8654