The University of Tokyo, 100 Years of History as an Academic Asset, and the Historical Materials Verified in the Process of Its Compilation”

Since its founding, the University of Tokyo has been a mainstay of academic research in Japan. It could be said that to trace its path is to examine the footprints of modern Japan from a scholarly perspective. The University of Tokyo, 100 Years of History, compiled by the university, was an academic asset that depicted this journey in historical language and at the same time unearthed assets in the form of a variety of historical records. In this seminar, we will focus on this compilation of “100 years of history” and explore a portion of the university’s academic assets. First, we will invite Mr. Yasutaka Terunuma (Aoyama Gakuin University and Tokyo City University), who was involved in the compilation project, to present a lecture about the project results and limits, the historical materials found in the compilation process, and the evaluation of the work at the time of publication. Then the discussion will deepen further with comments from Professor Satoshi Kato (Tohoku University), who has held successive positions at the University of Tokyo Archives and the Tohoku University Archives.