Open Seminar

Vol. 33.

Virtual seminar "Critical Audio Media Practice: Listening and Making Culture in Taiwan"


  • Date: March 19, 2021 17:30 -19:30 (Tokyo) / 16:30-18:30 (Taipei)
  • Venue: Zoom Meeting
  • Registration: Please register below by March 17(3月17日締切で、最下部にある様式で申込みください。).
  • Speakers:
    Shin Mizukoshi  水越伸 (University of Tokyo 東京大学情報学環教授)
    Eva Tsai  蔡如音 (National Taiwan Normal University 國立台湾師範大學教授)
    Yoshitaka Mōri  毛利嘉孝 (Tokyo University of the Arts 東京藝術大学教授)
    Sota Chu  忠聡太 (Fukuoka Jo Gakuin University 福岡女学院大学講師)
  • Language: English (ディスカッションは日本語可能)
  • Host: The University of Tokyo Humanities Center / 主催:東京大学ヒューマニティーズセンター

In this seminar, Professor Eva Tsai of the National Taiwan Normal University will introduce her project which explores the rising podcast scene in Taiwan from the perspective of creative economy as well as the more integrative context of sound media culture. While the recent podcast boom in Taiwan served as a trigger for her project, the core concerns of media innovation -- why do people create podcast, and with what purposes, obligations, and conditions of working -- came from her three-year involvement in Hoping Lab, the digital media lab at her university (see the links below).
In this presentation, Professor Tsai, a collaborator of Professor Shin Mizukoshi's audio media literacy project funded by the Humanities Center, will juxtapose and contrast Taiwan's current booming podcast scene and her experiences in podcast making, teaching, and lab management. This will help to illustrate some different impetuses behind podcast development. She will then propose three approaches toward studying podcasting in Taiwan/Asia. First, platform capitalism and the persisting media and cultural industries compete and interact to create a certain space for podcast market and professionalization. Second, the discourse of creative economy in neoliberal Asia seem to partially explain why the young and the enterprising are drawn to podcast as a new item of sociality and cultural investment. Finally, cultural and media theorizations of radio, audio and sounds in local contexts could inform us about the diverse potential of podcast as a medium.

この研究会では台湾のポップカルチャー研究、音声メディア実践研究の第一人者である國立台湾師範大学の蔡如音(Eva Tsai)教授に、台湾のポッドキャスト人気とその背景について伺い、東アジアにおける音声メディア文化研究と実践をめぐる議論を深めたいと思います。



  • 17:30-17:45 Opening remarks
    Shin Mizukoshi 水越伸 (University of Tokyo 東京大学情報学環教授)
  • 17:45-18:45 Main presentation
    Toward an Enterprising and Public Podcasting Service: Sound Media and Creative Economy
  • Eva Tsai 蔡如音 (National Taiwan Normal University 國立台湾師範大學教授)
    18:45-19:20 Discussion
  • Yoshitaka Mōri 毛利嘉孝 (Tokyo University of the Arts 東京藝術大学教授)
  • 19:20-19:30 Closing remarks
    Sota Chu 忠聡太 (Fukuoka Jo Gakuin University 福岡女学院大学講師)
  • Chair: Setsuko Kamiya 神谷説子 (University of Tokyo 東京大学情報学環特任助教)